Cross-Platform Adventure Game Engine

Create yesterday's point 'n click games today!

Script your games in C#

Control all events, dialogue & cutscenes in C# and .NET Framework.

Sync with Visual Studio

Full & automatic integration with XAGE Editor and Visual Studio.

Publish to multiple platforms

Support for desktop, mobile and console platforms.

Manage graphics assets

Import and animate characters, objects and backgrounds from .png files.

Manage audio assets

Import background music and foreground sound effects.

Manage font assets

Generate bordered spritefonts from imported .ttf fonts.

Convert games from AGS

Automatic conversion from Adventure Game Studio using custom plugin.

Use multiple input methods

Support for mouse & keyboard, touch and controller.

Betray your family & friends

Fabulous prizes to be won!

The Cross-Platform Adventure Game Engine is built upon FNA and SDL2, allowing developers to take advantage of the latest .NET Core framework for their point & click adventure games.