A snack sized point and click adventure game

Fadi has been given permission to visit his Aunt Sylvia for the day - but Auntie Sylvia has a problem, and would like some help fixing it. Join Fadi on a snack sized adventure through a colourful world that is host to a bunch of even more colourful characters!

Game and Art by Ben Chandler. Music by Sebastian Pfaller. Ported to XAGE by Dan Alexander.

Last & Furious

A top-down racing game featuring two physics modes, wonky collision system and hastily set up opponent AI.

Game by Ivan Mogilko. Art by Jim Reed. Music by Eric Matyas and Kevin MacLeod. Ported to XAGE by Dan Alexander.

Space Pool Alpha

An intergalactic arcade pool simulation. Featuring time attack, tournament and two-player modes.

Programming and Game Design by Steve McCrea. Portraits and victory screen by AngelicCharon. Music by m0ds. Additional game design and testing by bicilotti. Port to XAGE by Dan Alexander.